About Me

Prepare to enter the universe of an artist with a penchant for the peculiar and extraordinary. My canvas is a blend of classical training and self-taught innovation, with an indelible dedication to the dark and surreal.

My style is a hybrid of old and new, traditional and futuristic. It brings to mind the eerie landscapes of Dungeons and Dragons, the otherworldly narratives of video games, and the profound mysteries that lie in the darker corners of our psyche. Each piece I craft carries the essence of this fusion, teetering on the edge of both the known and unfamiliar.

While I have one foot firmly grounded in the contemporary, I pull technique from a roster of master oil painters. The sublimity of Sandro Botticelli, bold eccentricity of Odd Nerdrum, and captivating allure of Alesscio Scholr all find refuge in my work. It's a fusion of the artistic audacity of the 17th century and the mind-bending meditations of 20th-century surrealism.

As a classically trained artist who has skillfully woven self-taught techniques into my repertoire, I create pieces that are as much a study in contrast as they are in harmony. Dark yet enlightening, traditional yet revolutionary, my art is a testament to the countless dichotomies that define our world.

So, come, step into my world, and allow yourself to be captivated by the bizarre, the beautiful, and everything in between.

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